Wealth is not only an accumulative process but strategic one: we strive beyond reaching target figures to ensure value has been added to your life goals. Adapting to your life’s dynamic complexities, by managing, defending and supporting your ever changing financial needs with our expert advice on international regulations to guarantee maximisation of strategic planning and peace of mind. As we operate amid a highly regulated environment the maximum professional standards are preserved which is in the best interests for you, our client.

  • UNIT TRUST - A trust formed to manage a portfolio of stock exchange securities, in which investors can buy units.
  • SHARES - An ownership portion of a company with a dictated price from the stock exchange
  • OFFHSORE INVESTMENTS - A financial instrument which could be made of bank accounts, shares and or unit trusts owned out of South Africa in a foreign country
  • ENDOWMENTS - An investment plan which allows you to create wealth tax-efficiently