Risk is an unavoidable part of our everyday lives, as hard as you have worked to attain your assets our trained experts work to maintain and defend them by providing specialized insurance which ensures cost effective and adequate cover so that risk is minimized.  We pride ourselves in being constantly up to date on all the latest products and offer a wide range of insurance solutions for both private and business capacities.



•    LIFE ASSURANCE - To cover financial loss upon your death.

•    DREAD DISEASE / SEVERE ILLNESS COVER - Financial compensation to cover financial losses due to a diagnosis of a major disease eg: Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke.

•    DISABILITY ASSURANCE - Financial compensation due to inability to perform your occupation caused by accident or sickness.

•    INCOME REPLACEMENT ASSURANCE - Protecting your income in the event of temporary or permanent disability or accident.

•    KEY MAN ASSURANCE - Life cover and or permanent disability cover for a key person in a business.

•    PARTNERSHIP ASSURANCE - Cover to protect the death or disability of a partner(s) in a business.



•    DOMESTIC - To protect against possible risks & losses pertaining to building, house contents, specified items, general vehicle insurance, political riot in a personal capacity.

•    COMMERCIAL - To protect against possible risks & losses pertaining to building, business contents, specified items, general vehicle & fleet cover, business interruption, money cover, software cover, electronics, public liability, products liability and other liability covers, political riot and various other business covers.